Welcome Message

Dear colleagues, It is our great pleasure to announce the third International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technologies 2018 (IRICT 2018).

The IRICT 2018 is an international conference that is founder and organized by the Yemeni Scientists Research Group and co-organized by ISSIRG at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The main research areas for participating in this conference is Data Mining, Algorithms, Image Processing, Multimedia, Internet Technologies, Natural Language Processing, Communication Software, AI, IoT, and other research areas in Information and Communication Technology.

This website will provide you with information and news including the various calls, the important dates, instructions, programs, and all useful arrangements for participating to the conference.

The IRICT 2018 Organizing Committee is actively engaged in the preparation of the event and it will be a great honor and pleasure for the community to welcome you to IRICT 2018 in Malaysia.

Dr. Faisal Saeed

Conference General Chair