Conference Tracks

IRICT 2018 Tracks

The topics are included below, but not limited to:


1. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Abdulrahman AlsewariUniversiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
  2. Abdulrazak AlhababiUNIMAS, Malaysia
  3. Ashraf OsmanAlzaiem Alazhari University, Sudan


–       Natural Language Processing
–       Fuzzy Logic
–       Knowledge Acquisition and Expert Systems
–       Design Automation
–       Reasoning and Decision Support Systems
–       Hybrid Algorithms
–       Genetic Algorithms
–       Machine Learning
–       Deep Learning
–       Multi-Objective Optimization
–       Computational Intelligence
–       Neural Networks
–       Evolutionary Algorithms
–       Differential Evolution
–       Combinatorial Optimization

2. Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Ahmed HamzaKing Abdulaziz University, KSA
  2. Mohammed Alsarem, Taibah University, KSA
  3. Yogan J Kumar, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia


–       Data mining and knowledge discovery
–       Machine learning
–       Pattern recognition
–       Big Data Analytics and data science
–       Data-driven problem solving
–       Distributed Database Systems
–       Data Mining
–       Data Warehouse
–       Knowledge Data Engineering
–       Behavioral Mining
–       Decision Trees
–       Bioinformatics
–       Chemoinforamtics

3. Business Intelligence 

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Asma Ahmed AlhashmiMysore University, India
  2. Essa HezzamTaibah University, KSA

–    Business Analytics
–    Customer Analytics
–    Financial Analytics
–    Bioinformatics
–    Talent Analytics
–    Information Analytics
–    Marketing Analytics
–    BI and Analytics in Intelligence and Security Informatics
–    Predictive analytics and knowledge management approaches
–    Big data solutions and applications
–    Social media intelligence and analytics
–    Business Intelligence Systems Implementation
–    Business Intelligence, Analytics in Healthcare
–    Business Intelligence for Organizational Performance Management
–    Predictive Analytics: Definition, Implementation, and Usage

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

Track Chair:

  1. Wesam AshourIslamic Univesity of Gaza, Palestine


–    Web Technologies for the IoT
–    Real World Applications of IoT technology
–    Internet of Things Architecture
–    Social Acceptance of IoT Systems
–    Smart Home
–    Smart Cities
–    IoT for healthcare
–    IoT security
–    IoT Data Analytics


5. Intelligent Communication Systems 

Track Co-Chairs: 

  1. Ahmed Al-SamanUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  2. Redhwan Q Shaddad, Taiz University, Yemen
  3. Tawfik Al-Hadhrami, Nottingham Trent University, UK


–       Computer Networks
–       Data Communications
–       Mobile Computing
–       Wireless Sensor Networks
–       Networked Systems
–       Networks Architecture
–       Networks Operations and Management
–       Networks Analyzing & Programming
–       LAN & WAN Technologies
–       Internet Networks
–       Future Internet Engineering
–       Network issues in quantum technologies
–       Industrial Computer Networks
–       Networked Control Systems
–       Green Networking
–       Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
–       Vehicular Networks
–       Cloud Networking and Services

6.  Advances in Information Security

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Bassam AltamimiTaibah University, KSA
  2. Fuad AbdulgaleelUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  3. Murad RassamTaiz University, Yemen

–     Access control
–     Applied cryptography
–     Authentication and authorization
–     Biometric security
–     Data and system integrity
–     Database security
–     Distributed systems security
–     Grid security
–     Information hiding and watermarking
–     Intrusion detection
–     Key management and key recovery
–     Network security
–     Security for mobile computing
–     Trusted computing
–     Data and Network Security & Safety
–     Cryptographic Applications for Networks

7. Computational Vision and Robotics Technology

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Qais Alnuzaili, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  2. Taha Hussein, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

–     Computer vision, AI applications
–     Computer games and animation
–     Computational geometry
–     Shape/range/motion analysis
–     Signal/image processing
–     Image matching, medical imaging
–     Pattern/face recognition
–     Architecture, languages
–     Parallel computer vision
–     Interactive computational models
–     Biological vision, alternative eyes
–     Renewable Energy and Sustainability

8. Software Engineering

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Abdulbasit DaremMysore University, India
  2. Thabit Sabbah, Al-Quds Open University, Palestine

–     Development Environments and Tools
–     Programming languages, Hybrid and Native applications
–     Agile or Model driven development
–     Energy Efficient, resource aware development
–     Testing, Maintenance, Debugging techniques and tools
–     Analysis and Re-engineering of Mobile Apps
–     Cloud support and scalability
–     Empirical studies, Industry experiences
–     Static and Dynamic Analysis
–     User experience and New input devices
–    Applications of Mobile Apps

9. Multimedia Applications and Services

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Nasrin MakbolUniversiti Science Malaysia, Malaysia
  2. Taha Hussein, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

–     Media Representation and Algorithms
–     Audio, Image, Video Processing, Coding and Compression
–     Multimedia Sensors and Interaction Modes
–     Multimedia Privacy, Security and Content Protection
–     Multimedia Standards and Related Issues
–     Advances in Multimedia Networking and Streaming
–     Multimedia Databases, Content Delivery and Transport
–     Wireless and Mobile Multimedia Networking

10. Information Systems

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Ali Al-Awadhi Lincoln University College, Malaysia
  2. Ali BalaidUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  3. Fathey MohammedTaiz University, Yemen

–     Knowledge management, decision making and big data
–     Enterprise systems, processes, modelling and management
–     Diversity, inclusion and cross cultural issues
–     HCI, the user experience and human centred IS
–     Health Informatics
–     IS innovation, strategy and IT governance
–     IS development, design and project management
–     IS education, training and learning technologies
–     IS in emergencies and responsive systems
–     IS research, theory, philosophy and methods
–     Social media and related technologies
–     Green IS and sustainability

 11. Information Technology and Education

Track Co-Chairs:

  1. Nadhmi GazemUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  2. Yahya M. Al-dheleai, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

– Advanced Technology in Education and Learning
– Artificial Intelligence for e-Learning
– Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
– Digital Game-based Learning
– E-learning and Distance Education
– Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies
– Education Simulation
– Mobile Learning
– Multi-agent e-learning Systems
– Technology-based Blended, Distance and Open Education
– Ubiquitous Computing for Learning
– Policies on Technology-based Education